Solo Guitarist

This is gentle ’music in the corner’, piano bar style, only on guitar. Ideal for gatherings where discrete background music is needed to add atmosphere. I have done this from St Helen’s to St Lucia!

Guitar Duo or Duo-Plus

Adding another guitarist widens the choice of musical styles available to entertain your guests, and we can add a double bass to give an even fuller sound.

Listen some samples below:

Third Man Theme


Drums are added to facilitate dancers where required, or alternatively a horn (either trumpet or sax) or a singer. The repertoire will be smooth jazz, typically from the ‘great American songbook’.

Listen to some samples below:

Don’t Blame Me

Lets Fall in Love

_San Francisco Bay

Quartet with Sheila

10 Manha de Carnaval

The Moonlighters Quintet

My singer-led band playing ‘the music you remember’ from the 30’s to the 50’s – Ella Fitzgerald to Buddy Holly. Ideal for mixed-age gatherings. We’ve done weddings, 70th birthdays and regimental reunions and got them all up dancing!

Listen to some samples below:


Route 66

Moonlighters with Ruth

On The Road Again

Your Cheating Heart

The Full Monty

We offer a full six or seven-piece trad jazz band when you have a big space to fill and a lot of people to entertain. The repertoire is 1920’s to 1940’s – Louis Armstrong to Louis Prima.

Listen to some samples below:

Harlem Bound

Weary Blues